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05/07/2017 Energy Saving Charter 2017
To fulfill our promise to prtoect the environment while providing high quality products for our consumers, Hugogate will support the government's Energy Saving Charter 2017 and continue to contirbute to make Hong Kong a greener place.

31/05/2017 Hugogate always endeavors to be a green and envrionmentaly friendly corporation. We are honoured to to receive the Corporate environmnetal Leadership Award 2016 from BOCHK.

29/04/2017 Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair
Hugogate has participated in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, which is one of the world's leading gifts fair that mainly exhinits green and environemntally friendly products.

15/04/2017 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair
We have showcased our new product, Micker, along with other premium collections in 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair from 13-16 April.

02/06/2016 We are very honoured to participate in the "Corporate Environmental Leadership Award 2015" organised by Bank Of China and received the "EcoPartner Award" in recognition of our effort in incorporating technology and systems to recycle resources in the production process. We will continue to support the "One Enterprise - One Year - One Environmental Project" and strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment.

31/05/2016 2016 HKTDC April Fair
Hugogate's new collections were being displayed in 2016 HKTDC April Fair.

15/03/2016 The future of the Earth depends on what we do today!
Hugogate is committed to WWF's 10th Earth Hour!

02/02/2016 We are pleased to announce that Hugogate is now being recgonized as Hong Kong Green Organization by the Environmental Protection Department.

17/01/2016 IP Manager Scheme
Hugogate is dedicated to developing new and innovative electronic products for its customers. To better protect our intellectual property, Hugogate has participated in the Intellectual Property manager Scheme to equip its employees with more knowledge regarding the protection and management of the company's intellectual property.

21/12/2015 Environmental Policy 2016
In 2016, Hugogate will committe to protect the environment through developing and offering products and services with excellent environmental performance that enable customers to minimise their environmental impact.

09/12/2015 Low Carbon Changemaker
Hugogate has participated in the Low Carbon Changemaker Toolkit Launch hosted by WWF. In the future, Hugogate will utilize the toolkit to promote low carbon practices and emplyee action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our company.

10/11/2015 Hugogate has been endevaouring in building our brand awarness and credibility. Recently, we has successfully registerd our trade mark in Korea.

29/10/2015 Product Carbon Footprint Label
Hugogate strived to produce green and envirnmental friendly products. The "Product Carbon Footprint Label" New Advantage of hong Kong Brand" Seminar and "The Road to Product Carbon Foortprint Label" Workshops have provided insightful ideas and analysis regarding the green product market.

20/09/2015 Hong Kong Office Recycling Campagin
Hugogate has supported the \"HK Office Paper Recycling Campaign\" recently. We have recycled 3 bags of papers which equal to 288kg of greenhous gas and planting 7.35 tree seedings. 

08/09/2015 Hugogate has signed up to the Government Energy Charter on No Incandescent Light Bulbs in Hong Kong. We pledge to refrain from procuring ILBs for general lighting purpose,and commit to adopt more energy-efficient lighting.

20/08/2015 Hugogate supports the Government Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature, in order to combat climate change. We pledge to maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26 degree Celsius during the months of June to September 2015 at this office.

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