To provide superior products by developing innovations and solutions that improves the quality of life.
Established in 2003, Hong Kong-based company Hugogate Limited is devoted to providing its customers with an executive lifestyle through its innovative, high quality products and sensible approach to marketing.
For the past years, Hugogate has been developed an expertise in the production of electronic tie racks, from unrivaled user-friendliness and innovative design, through flawless engineering, to the most stylish and appealing packaging. This marked an important chapter in Hugogate history.

Nowadays, Hugogate specializes in various top quality home appliances. On top of electronic tie rack, we strive to develop advanced products like electronic shoe cleaner and portable, rechargeable battery operated fan.
Hugogate is a future-oriented company. We dedicated to continually meeting our customers¡¦ needs and seeking future business opportunities to grow.
As an expert in executive lifestyle, quality is always our top priority. We emphasize on both the design and packaging of products from time to time.

Hugogate is dedicated to protecting the environment through its green products. We aim to provide products that not only bring comfort and convenience to everyday life, but also help to protect the environment.
Hugogate is considerate company. All our products are manufactured and marketed with the most painstaking attention and care to meet our customers' changing needs. More and more innovations will be found in our company in future.

We truly value our people. Whether they are our customers or employees, we treat every one of them with utmost consideration. Our environment is also equally important. Hugogate deserves to serve every single customer. To cater for each specific need, it is our honor to develop a customized product so as to achieve customer satisfaction.
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